About the Authors

A free-range chicken, Mr. Blanchard is a renowned author who writes on... Well, here and his own blog. Enigmatic and mysterious, he strikes from the shadows, mocking idiots and them making similar mistakes.
His hobbies include being right, and pretending to have been right when he was wrong.
 More of his writings are available at his personal blog, Dog in the Water Pipe.

Ben Tyson, at his home on the Moon
An incredibly angry man. Tyson is well known on the Moon (prove that I'm not...) where he presents The Satellite Show, a late night talk show, now in it's 3rd year.
His other hobbies include reading and playing games.
He also runs the (slightly sporadic) film review site Dutch Tilt Dystopia.

Has yet to write a bio. However, he has a tremendously large head. It is, in fact, the talk of the town.
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