Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Wire Complete HBO Season 1 (Amazon.co.uk)

Look at those sweary fuckers. They're probably swearing right now...
Image from NY Times
Here is a review of  Season 1 of The Wire from amazon.co.uk, complete with my angry comments:

"Again (This is the start. How can it be 'again'?) this is not in widescreen it's 4:3 (So? What's your point here? It's American. Very few American TV series are broadcast in widescreen. Especially way back in 2002) and even with the subtitles on I couldn't understand the language on this (This is really a completely separate point and should be kept as such). It's very slang afro carribean english (It's set in Baltimore. That's how they speak. Did you complain that everyone in Only Fools and Horses spoke cockney?) and if you don't understand what they are saying you will find it hard to watch (You feel me !) If you watch it you will know what I mean (I have watched it. I've never had a problem understanding them). I wanted to buy the rest of the set but as I did not get through the whole of the first season I am very happy that I decide just to buy 1 season (If you didn't watch it all how can you review it?). Not my cup of tea (So you give it one star? Even if if you couldn't understand the dialogue, surely you could understand that the show was well well made and put together with excellent acting) and a lot of people I have spoken to also say they find the language hard to understand in this (Really? Everyone I've spoken to really enjoyed it and had absolutely no trouble understanding the dialogue.)."
And here's another, err... insightful... review:
"There is no getting away from my huge disappointment with The Wire. Yes, I knew it had an 18 certificate and would therefore be 'gritty' but I wasn't prepared for, and am not prepared to tolerate, the utter barrage (It's hardly a barrage. Well, there was that one scene that only used the word 'fuck', but still...) of swearing (Like fuck and shit. I don't think they say cunt though). Barely a conversation takes place without a torrent of expletives (It's not really a torrent either. This would be a torrent: Fuckshitbastardfuckfuck and so on). It will be argued, I'm sure (Those motherfuckers), that this 'adds authenticity' (It is argued. Quite successfully, actually) but no TV programme is authentic (what about documentaries?) the bad language here is gratuitous (Have you actually ever talked to people over the age of 7? We swear. A lot. Fucker) - be warned. (Is this it? Is this your entire review? Was some bad language enough to give a series with which you seem to have no other complaints 1 star? I hate people like you who make a mockery of Amazon's review system)"

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