Friday, 4 February 2011

Anthology of Idiocy V

Yes friends, no long wait this time as I'm back with Anthology of Idiocy Episode V: The Idiots Strike Back (I'm fast running out of film series that go up this high...).

We open up today's account with a review from for the classic 1931 version of Frankenstein:
I was delighted to receive the video in the mail today (Haha! You people in the past with your old fashioned technology!). What timing! My class of high school seniors has finished reading Mary Shelley's novel and will be taking their final tomorrow. Afterwards, I thought they would really enjoy the film. Unfortunately, I just finished viewing it and am sick (Was it something you ate?). This adaptation is nothing like the book (Well no. Lots of films aren't like the book. That doesn't stop this film being a stone-cold classic horror film). I am scrambling around looking for one that is! (I understand from someone who's studied English that the book isn't that good anyway to be honest...) I honestly feel I have wasted $... (You haven't. It's an excellent movie)---and on my miserable salary that's painful! The acting, sets, script, camera work, and editing are ridiculously crude (Well it was 1931. What were you expecting? Sleek production on an Avatar scale?). I wish I had saved my money and spent it elsewhere! (Please, stop teaching people...)
Told you it was a poster...
Image via unrealityshout
Next up, following on from my previous post dedicated to House season 1, we have this review for House season 7:
At first glance, House seems like just another banal sitcom (It's not a fucking sitcom! Do you Americans even know what a sitcom is?. This is a bloody drama).  masquerading as something more "smart" and/or "sexy," which is true (Oh, if you say so Your Highness...)--but look a bit deeper and you'll see its success rides on the fact it's a love letter to generation Y detachment and forced irony; bittersweet emotional pornography for those whose lives have failed them. (What the fuck is any of this about? Did you read that other guy's review for season 1 and think 'Wow. That's a good review. I'll do one like that. Using his idiotic opinions'?)

Just look at the DVD cover (Actually that's a poster). "Love sucks." Cue a thousand soul-numbingly boring housewives nodding their heads with a knowing "MMMM-hmmmm." (I hate you.) These producers really know their audience, I'll give them that. (They also know how to make a damn good show.)
And bringing up the rear we have this review for the excellent video game Fallout 3:
Ok,yes,the game was good,but,come on,this has been done...........11 times,i mean,talk about"Copy-Paste"!!! (When? When has this been done before? If you're referring to someone journeying through a post-apocalyptic Earth then yes, I suppose it has been done before. But then, if you only take the setting of something into account then nothing new has been released in centuries...)
Its nothing new,and i just think its one of the copying ones (Just mention something it's copying and then perhaps you'll have a reasonable argument),here is the Good-Bad list 
1:Its a free roaming game,to do whatever you want to do (Yes that is good)
2:You make up your own mind (About what?)

1:Detail:The monsters are 80's crap (No they're not. They're actually pretty sensible, plausible mutations of current animals)
2:Creativity:Its all been done before (And i can't stress that enough) (Yet you haen't mentioned anything that it is similar to...)
3:I could go on for hours :P (And yet you haven't. Let's face it, you can only think of two bad points can't you... And where is a review of the gameplay? Or the graphics? Or anything else game-related?)
That's you're lot for this month. I just know you're looking forward to the next Anthology of Idiocy, but you'll just have to be patient I'm afraid...

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