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Clearly this is the most powerful, evil
film ever to have been made...
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Today friends we travel once more to the Americas in search of bounty! If by 'bounty' I mean stupid reviews of John Boorman's classic horror/thriller Deliverance...:
"Deliverance" is, without question, one of the most appalling films ever made (I would question that to be honest...) and has done more damage to the southern Appalachians than any coal company or other destroying of the natural environment. (I doubt that to be honest, I think you are vastly overestimating the effect films have on people. I bet your one of those morons who think violent films make others perform violent acts...)
At issue here is the flagrant stereotypes that the movies have perpetuated against the people of the region for years (You clearly didn't notice how horrible the city-boys were - thus missing the whole point of the movie. Congratulations). "Deliverance" not only continues these stereotypes, but extends them in such a way that their impact can be felt nearly 30 years later (Again, I think you credit Deliverance with too much power). Today much of the southern Appalachians have been overrun with explosive growth brought on by the areas natural beauty and mountain vistas. This growth, while bringing some benefits to the region have caused the natives of the region to suffer under the crushing burden of an escalating cost of living as the wealthy migrants drive up property values and other factors (Boo hoo. It's the same everywhere. And anyway, people wanting to live somewhere because it's pretty is hardly the film's fault is it? Maybe the Appalachians shouldn't have looked so nice...). But why care about the people who are being displaced when, as portrayed in "Deliverance," they are only sub human (Actually, most of the people they meet down there are friendly enough. Like all those people in the town they come to at the end).
If any minority group were portrayed in the appalling manner that the good people of the southern Appalachians are in this film, the PC police would be out in force in protest, and rightfully so. I guess some stereotypes are more PC friendly than others. (Are you an Appalachian mountain man by any chance? Maybe if you weren't looking so hard to see stereotyping you would have noticed that they weren't the real bad guys)
Here's another in a similar vein:

"Deliverance" is to rural Southerners as "Triumph of the Will" was to Jews (Not really. As far as I'm aware Leni Reifenstahl's film did not mention Jews at all. And to liken this film to Nazi propaganda is, quite frankly, laughable). How surprising that it was made by a limey (Does anyone else find the irony in this reviewer using a pejorative noun for the British whilst simultaneously complaining of racism quite amusing?). If this movie had been made about blacks, it would have been banned. But who cares about Southerners? (Are you aware that the book this film was based on and the film's screenplay were written by [the born in Georgia] James Dickey? I thought not.)
 And lastly, a bit of good old fashioned homophobia:
i got this as one of my free dvds from columbia house a part of my into package and am going to be giving it to the pawn shop (Then you've made a profit, why are you complaining?). movie wasnt too bad actually pretty decent until the great climax of horror that no other man should have to see with his own eyes neither be owned or played on my tv (Right, there are spoilers up ahead, so be warned. I'm guessing you mean the infamous 'piggy' scene here. How homophobic are you that simulated male rape is enough to give an otherwise 'pretty decent' film one star? The way you want to distance yourself from it as far as possible is pretty interesting. Repressing something perhaps? You should see a psychiatrist, I bet he'd have a field day with you). it left me dissappointed and wishing i never saw it (Well it wasn't supposed to be nice you know.). but i wont ruin it for you if you wanna know go ask someone. (Or they could watch the bloody film!)
 Well, that's all I've got for the moment kids. But never fear, I shall return as soon as I have built up the required rage!

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