Saturday, 27 November 2010

Angelina Jolie refuses to celebrate Thanksgiving

Wow. An American who recognizes the country's
less than illustrious past... Image postermall
It has been revealed that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has refused to celebrate Thanksgiving because she wants no part in the rewriting of American history and celebration of the immigrants' dominion over the native peoples. According to one of her friends, she doesn't want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder. Actually, that's not idiotic at all. What is idiotic is the right-wing news site NewsBusters response to this news. One paragraph in the story reads:
It never ceases to amaze me how some of the folks that have been the most enriched by America's love and adoration are ashamed and embarrassed by what makes this country so great. (So you're saying that the murder genocide committed by your ancestors is 'what makes [America] so great'? Wow. That's pretty brutal. And heartless. I'm British. What we did to quite a lot of the world was horrible (we went to war with China because they wanted to stop buying our Opium for God's sake!). I can admit that. Brits are, generally, sorry for all the horrible things we did to the likes of India and China. Why do you find it so offensive that America's history is less than whiter than white? Surely a true patriot would accept America's faults, but love it anyway...)
That's nothing compared to some of the comments by readers. Here's one that caught my eye:
...What had the "Indians" done with this country by the time the English Settlers got here? (Have a thriving, unique culture built around respect for the world with just as much right to exist as yours. And far more right to the land...) No roads etc., look where the rest of the world was at that time (Yes we made roads. And guns. What did it bring us? War and death. Go us... Being more technologically advanced is no excuse for the extermination of another race.). I know there were instances where they were treated badly ('Instances'? Try basically your entire history. You forced them into reserves because you wanted their land. Then forced them out of the reserves because you wanted that land too!), but that is not just an American problem, it has and is happening the world over (So? That's not an excuse! Didn't your mother ever tell you that two wrongs don't make a right?). Americans, especially White, Anglo Saxon, and God forbid, Christians are mocked every day almost every where (Have you ever thought that maybe it's because, as a nation, you are incredibly arrogant and meddle in everyone else's affairs? And you also come up with comments like the ones your making. They certainly don't help your standing...), and most strongly by our own President and his Government (They accept that America has faults. They don't mock you, you utter moron). I proudly cling to God, my family, my guns (Somehow, this doesn't come as a surprise...), my country, and even MY TURKEY ANGIE!
Many comments pointed out that all countries have a history of domination by one culture over another, so where would she go? My rebuttal to this would be that firstly, the likes of Britain were occupied in antiquity and since then the only real change has been to the ruling classes, varying from Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans. While these were not peaceful occupations by any means, they did not involve the systematic extermination of the previous population, more an amalgamation of the two cultures. Secondly, no-one else celebrates this domination with a national holiday. this was a particularly stupid move on your part, especially taking into account the relative modernity of your conquest.

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