Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Home Office

Today's post is taken from the UK Home Office's official website:
Contribute your views to our consultation into how we can best reduce the number of students who can come to the UK.
Since our Government already seem determined to keep the poor out of University, it is only natural that they want to keep all those dirty foreign types out as well. Of course, this gives rise to one question - if British students can't afford to come to Uni, and high-fee paying foreign students aren't allowed to come, who is going to University, and who is going to fund it? I'm certain it won't be our Conservative-dominated government, anyhow.
 So, to answer the question: My view is that you should stop being cunts, and let nasty foreign johnnies learn stuff 'n' shit. And, you know, bring some capital into our faltering economy...
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