Tuesday, 3 May 2011

David Cameron Shows What A Homophobe He Is

 Some media sources (such as the Daily Mail and random news websites, such as pinknews) are reporting that David Cameron intends to ban same-sex kisses from appearing on TV before the 9 o'clock watershed. That's right, not "normal" kissing or kissing in general, but just gay kissing. Apparently such images are 'indecent'. Cameron is, in effect, saying that seeing two people of the same sex expressing their feelings for one another is as damaging to children as the word 'cunt' or seeing someone eat babies. The leader of the enquiry, Reg Bailey, said that:
'For some parents, what has been considered acceptable in the past - such as that Brookside kiss - is not appropriate for children to see early in the evening.'
The Brookside kiss being referred to here is the one from 1994 where two lesbian characters kissed on screen. So what he's saying is that rather than society becoming more liberal and accepting homosexuals for who they are, we should return to the old system of mass homophobia. Perhaps after supporting this ban he will stop gay marriages, reintroduce Section 28 (this stated that local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship", y'know a generally pretty horrible thing) or perhaps we should just go the whole hog and ban being gay again.

What's great about this story, though, is the response on the Daily Mail website to the story. There are the usual horrible comments, such as:
Good, we also need to stop the BBC from pushing out all their gay agenda. Which TV station has the most cameras out at any gay, demo, walk, parade and is allways the first with gay news. The BBC. Up until 10.00 pm. only hetrosexuals kissing should be shown, and show that it is the normal for a man and a woman to live together, not pushing their gay agenda down our throats - Geoff Fuller, Devon, 01/5/2011 07:59..... it's because of people like you that i'm glad human rights laws exist
But, shockingly, rather than receiving praise by the other site users, that comment got a rating of -162. On the other hand, this comment got a rating of +179:
A lesbian kiss or a gay kiss, i.e. a simple peck on the lips or a more romantic kiss in the context of a relationship isn't going to harm anybody - children or adults. It might just make some kids grow up more accepting of gay and lesbians - it won't make them gay if that's what worries you. A small homosexual kiss is not indecent - I find the notion that is indecent offensive. If a simple gay kiss is to be banned then I'd expect the same for heterosexual kisses before the watershed - you can't have it both ways.
When even the Daily Mail commenters are saying you've gone too far, then you really are in trouble...

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