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Monty Python's Life of Brian

Those poor innocents... This isn't a subject fit for
entertainment! someone should stop them!
1979 not only saw the release of The Clash's London Calling, but also Monty Python's Life of Brian. Life of Brian is a satire of organised religion and excessive religiosity in which the titular Brian is mistaken for the messiah as a result of a few unfortunate coincidences. Since a lot of Christian inspired hoo-ha upon its release, the film has become recognised as one of the finest comedies ever made as well as one of British cinema's best works. However, some people writing amazon reviews don't agree. I'm sure you're all deeply shocked by that revelation, so take a moment to compose yourself. Ready to continue? Good. Then let's start with this chump from
With the majority of reviews I've read concerning this movie being almost uncannily positive (You have decided to admit that, whilst you dislike the film, you can still appreciate that it is well made with good gags that just don't float your boat?), to the point of being overblown, I'd say it falls into an undeniably popular camp (Maybe that's because its good? Just throwing that out there...), making it appear to me to be far from 'controversial' (I see. Because if something is popular it can't be controversial... Abortion is popular among many, but is still seen as controversial in some quarters. So's Family Guy come to think of it). Unless the lovers of Jesus are being surprisingly mum over this one! (They really weren't. They actually made a lot of noise back when it came out. There were protests outside cinemas and debates on TV with some of the Python team. Of course all the pickets did was make more people go to see it out of curiosity...)
Now lets move over to, shall we?:

After finding many Monty Python skits-and British comedy in general-hilariously funny (Let's be honest though, many Python skits are just awful.), I bought this movie, expecting 90 minutes of uninterrupted laughs (Don't you think you were expecting a little much? I think it would be pretty much impossible to do that...). To my great disappointment, I did not so much as smile throughout the entire movie (Really? Not once? Not even a little? What about the "Bigus Dickus" bit?). In my opinion, the movie was completely devoid of anything clever (The whole damn thing is pretty clever really...), original (I'm pretty sure no-one has a had a catchy song being sung by people being crucified before...), or witty ("He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy"?). It's very incongruous that Monty Python can make so many brilliantly funny skits, but could put together such complete rubbish into a full-length movie (Did you really mean incongruous? It sounds like your trying to use big words in an attempt to seem cleverer. And if you liked the sketch-show, I fail to see how you didn't find any of this funny. It's very obvious the two came from the same minds). This DVD went into the trash after I saw it once (Why didn't you sell it eBay or give it to a charity shop? Wasteful prick...)-definitely one of the two or three worst movies I've ever seen (Clearly you've only seen three or four movies then...). It's utterly beyond me how anyone could be entertained by the idea of innocent people being crucified (Only some of them will have been innocent. And humans have always seen the funny side of horrible things. It's how we deal with them.), to say nothing of the numerous other completely failed attempts at humor that fill this movie. (Name one. I've cited several examples of funny lines/ideas in the film. You name one that 'failed'.)

Be advised that, if you're of the Christian faith, you will find this movie very offensive (Not necessarily. It mocks the Church, not the beliefs that underpin it.). I'm not religious and so the satire of Christianity didn't bother me (Nor I)-my animus (Animus? Animus? This isn't Assassin's Creed you know. I believe you were trying for animosity. Stick to 2 syllable words in future, eh?) towards this movie has nothing to do with that (No it doesn't. It does have everything to do with you being an idiot though...). Religious or not, I suggest you pass on this movie and save your money, your time, and above all, your dignity. (Dignity? This film doesn't strip you and force to walk down the high street of the nearest  city.)
Let's have another!:

I have liked other Python films (There's only one other good one: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And Now For Something Completely Different was just sketches from the TV series re-shot. And The Meaning of Life is pretty bad.), but this? BLECH! (That's not a word...) The whole family was bored to tears. (Not finding it funny I can accept, if not understand, but bored?) (and yes, we DO have a sense of humor! (Maybe people wouldn't question your humour senses if you laughed at funny things...)) The funniest thing was the space ship because it was so unexpected (Yes it was funny. And unexpected. But so was the gladiator having a cardiac arrest in the middle of a fight, Pontius Pilate's lisp or Brian's Latin being corrected in his anti-Roman slogans by a Roman guard.). We wanted to turn it off after 10-15 minutes, but I rarely give up watching a film, so I saw it through to the end (That's something I suppose...). Now I wish I hadn't! Can I please have my 90 minutes back??? (No. Can I please have the time I've had to spend mocking you back then?)
Let's finish with this eerily familiar one shall we?:
With by far the majority raving over this trite and predictably British schoolyard humour (Well they are British, so I would have predicted them to have a sort of Azerbaijani humour...) since its release, I would hardly ever have called it 'controversial' (Look you're the same guy as the first one, so I shall tell you again: It was and is controversial!).
Seems the vocal Christians were surprisingly mum over this one (But they weren't! As I said there were pickets outside cinemas in New York). Could have sent this 5 star rating down a few pegs if they'd spoken up against what they would have called mockery and blasphemy. (It isn't blasphemy. Terry Jones [the Welsh Python, not the nutjob American pastor] has pointed out that blasphemy would be the mocking of God or Jesus. This is something the film does not do. It is, however, heretical as it mocks the Church.)
Well I think that'll do for this excursion into internet-based idiocy. Till next time loyal readers! 

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