Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Dark Knight

See? Told he was Batman. He's got
the pointy ears...  Screenhead
If you haven't heard of The Dark Knight, then seriously, where have you been for the last two years? One of the most successful films ever, as well as the most successful superhero movie, Chris Nolan's dark take on the Batman world has garnered widespread acclaim and legions of fans. These folks from Amazon are not members of those legions:
Bought this and was very much looking forward to it as I had watch Batman Begins and enjoyed it. (All okay so far...)
Fell asleep twice watching this film (How? Were you watching it at 5am?) in the end gave up trying to watch it complete and just picked up from the bit I fell asleep at. (Well, then you've hardly experienced it as Nolan intended it to be viewed, have you?)
The whole point of comics and super heroes is escapism and the fantasy, bringing it down to gritty realism doesn't suit (Actually the 'whole point of comics and super heroes' is to tell a story. They are no more intended for escapism as anything else. Just because you have preconceived and prejudiced ideas of what comics and therefore comic book films are like, doesn't mean that they should obey them. I think you'll find that Batman books are often gritty and realistic. Just look at Batman: Year One). Tim Burtons Batman is far superior to this drudge fest. (It really isn't. Have you watched them recently? They are almost as camp as the 60s TV series in some places. Plus everything in it is secondary to the visuals. You just don't care about the 2-dimensional characters.)

Don't waste your money it will be on TV for free in a years time and you won't have missed anything. (Actually you'll have missed an excellent film. And a cultural phenomenon to boot. Now fuck off)
Here's another snob who feels comic books can only be dumb:
If you suffer from insomnia - this might work for you (Well, at least you said 'might' I suppose). Complicated (needlessly for a comic book story (Perhaps you should read something like Watchmen or V For Vendetta or Arkham Asylum. I bet all of those would have you seriously confused.)). Desperately seeking meaning in a tired old franchise (Yup. By reinvigorating it and making it exciting again...). Of course I have great respect for Chris Nolan, but this movie sucks (No it doesn't. You suck). I never was a Heath Ledger fan, but his is a good performance ('Good' doesn't do it justice but I'll let that slide...) and thus a silver lining in this cloud of a film (Oh you can fuck off too). Way too long (are there no editors in Hollywood anymore? (It's exactly as long as it needs to be.)). I don't want to have to sit and concentrate over a Batman film (Well watch the old one with Adam West then. Don't complain about a film because you're a literaturist [like racist, but against a type of literature. In this case, comic books. Yes. Mister, they are literature]). Boo! (Boo! yourself, cunt.)
I don't like it when people criticize comic books...

Here's a relatively short one to finish off with:
In my opinion, this goes to prove just what society is today, absolutely shocking with no regard for the youth and the future of our kids. How on earth can anyone rate this a 12?? (Because there's no blood, sex, nudity, swearing, drug use or graphic violence. That's probably how.) I can certainly say my kids wont be watching this until they have moved out of home! (I bet they've already seen it. But are you saying that when they are, say, 17 and still living at home you will still be screening what they can and can't watch? Thats nuts! And also somewhat overprotective...)

And as for the film, well, it was good (Yes. It was), but certainly not BATMAN (It was. There was the Batsignal and everything...), and certainly no relation to the characters of the original comic (Have you read Batman? That's pretty much what The Joker is like, and Batman too, depending on which book you read). Watch this as a grizzly thriller, do not expect batman! (I've decided you can fuck with the others.)
If you're thinking 'Oh please Lord Ben, please give us some more reviews of The Dark Knight! We'll send you money!' then you're in luck! I haven't tackled America yet...

Incidentally, if you could send me some money it'd be much appreciated...

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