Tuesday, 4 January 2011

House Season 1

Now that's my kind of poster...
One of the best TV shows to come out of the American networks over the last few years has been the Hugh Laurie-starring House. Having been nominated for over 100 awards, and winning 34, including the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and Outsanding Directing for a Drama Series Emmys in 2005 and 2008 respectively. Hugh Laurie has also claimed the Best Actor award at the Golden Globes twice, in 2006 and 2007 and been nominated ever since. These chumps, however, seem impervious to the cantankerous doctor's charms:
Maybe I'm missing the gene enabling me to enjoy this show, but frankly I find it dull (But he makes fun of people! How is that not cool?). Given the reviews and recommendations I tried watching through 3 episodes from the first series (The series really kicks off after that third episode. Like many series come to think of it. I find that episode 4 is one of the best of this first season, where he has to make decisions that affect the survival of babies). 

It struck me I couldn't on reflection recall when one ended and another started (The credits?). The characters were forgettable (Again, the patients get more interesting as the season progresses) and the plots far fetched to say the least (They're not that farfetched. The problems are real, it's just unlikely that there would be so many in one hospital). The most significant failing however seems to be the same formula that is used for each episode (What? Sick person comes in, the team fail to diagnose, then with 5 minutes left they find the answer? How is that different to, say, a police show or pretty much any other programme? The joy comes from the development of the characters and the journeys they take). Even after watching a few it was painfully obvious what was going to happen thereafter and I couldn't stomach watching anymore. (It's currently in its seventh season, I bet you can't tell me the overall storyline of those seasons, let alone the personal journeys of each character.)

Shame really, I quite like Hugh Laurie otherwise. (Who doesn't?)

Like I said, I'm sure others will love it (We do). For me this falls into the same bin (Your loss) as that other unfathomably popular tripe - Lost. (Well, I'm no big fan of Lost either, but it isn't a bad show.) 
Sadly, he wasn't alone. Here's another, this time from America:

this show's success is a testament to how madly in love our generation is with its own perceived sense of irony and cynicism (Maybe some people, such as myself, are cynical [hence, for example, the dwindling numbers of churchgoers]? And I fail to see what irony has to do with anything...), which is actually only a step up from garfield coffee mugs with "funny" text about mondays. a formulaic, glorified sitcom fuelled by pathetic, masturbatory projection. (Are you upset that some programme of yours wasn't picked up or something? Only that could adequately explain the hostility shown here... And by the way, you're half-arsed psychology is not a review. And, finally, this isn't a sitcom by any stretch of the imagination. It's a drama)
And here's one more eejit:
I can't understand how my wife can watch this show week after week (Beacuse she has better taste than you?). But to think that people would actually pay money to watch this knucklehead over and over again is just beyond me (I imagine lots of things will be beyond you then...). How can anybody stand to watch this guy? (Because he's amusing, flawed and a downright interesting character) He's a total scumbag analhead (Two things. 1, 'analhead'? What the hell?. And 2, that's kind of the point...). When my wife puts this on I go out to the garage to smoke and play my guitar (Don't you know smoking will ruin your sense of taste?). This show is bottom of the barrel entertainment. (Yes. That'll be why so many critics love it, and have given it so may awards...)

Who would want to be treated by this guy? (Someone who doesn't care about bedside manner, but does want to live?) I don't care if he does have all the answers. If I was his patient I'd smack him across the mouth and leave (And then you'd die. And then I'd laugh.). Bust that cane over his head too. (You'd beat a cripple with his own cane? Who are you to judge any other man's actions?)
And on that bombshell, I must end for today. 

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