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Easy Rider

Who cares what happens to these men who go around
doing harm to no-one? Not these reviewers obviously...
In 1969, a couple of friends made a cheap film about a couple of long-haired bikers traveling down from LA to New Orleans. That film became one of the most important film of the late 60s, helping to destroy the old studio system and introduce the New Hollywood system where young stars could direct projects that were far from the studio traditions. The friends were Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda. The film was Easy Rider. Inevitably, however, the importance and brilliance of this film have completely passed these chumps by...:
One of the most overrated films of all time? (In your opinion, perhaps. But you are pretty much alone in that feeling) I was very dissappointed by the time the final credits rolled up and the weak points of the movie are so numerous it makes me wonder how such a movie ended up on DVD in the first place (By changing Hollywood, making shitloads of money and being a classic movie probably...). Even the documentary of how the film was made makes it clear it was a haphazard effort between friends and completely unprofessional...go figure. (The manner in which it was made has nothing to do with anything. Whilst making The Godfather, Brando and the rest of the cast were constantly mooning each other for fun. Brando even mooned the entire congregation from the stage during the wedding scene. Does that mean the film is full of bums? No.)

The story such as it is, is woeful (It's basic, yes. But not 'woeful'. A story that didn't make sense would be 'woeful'.). It feels like a Harley Davidson advert towrds the end (Except it doesn't though, does it?). The film doesnt highlight anything about the 60s other than crasness aimlessness. No social message, no themes it comes down to style. (No. It comes down to you being a feckless turd. You completely missed the social messages and themes. Because you are an idiot. The film deals with the intolerance shown to those who use their freedom for a start.)

And the style is rubbish (In your opinion). Long shots and zoom ins into lights and reflections (This was the 60s. Did you expect Greengrass-style handicam shots or something?). Slow pacing (Slow pacing is not always a bad thing. Here, it works. It really suits the road movie style). Weird acid scenes that go on too long. Just a heap of rubbish. None of the main characters are likeable either (How can you not like them? They never hurt anyone. They're friendly to everyone). They're drug mules who want to get to the Mardi Gras in time (You are putting modern ideas onto something that's 40 years old. Cocaine wasn't even considered a controlled substance till 1970. A year after the release of the film.)...why make it just that? (Because it's merely a reason for them to travel down the states, meeting progressively less tolerant people.)

The only saving grace of the movie is Jack Nicholson (He is very good in it). Watching Nicholson sarcastically look at a joint and ask 'what's that?' was hilarious (I don't think it was that funny...). He really brings life into the movie and some of the best scenes are those where he is centre of attention (the diner in particular) are actually memorable. (That sentence, while correct, is awfully written.)

This is one to avoid (You're review is one to avoid! Yeah, I'm mature...). Judged without rose tinted glasses its a shockingly bad movie (Except that its actually very good) and the ending (Spoiler) falls flat becuase it aint really as much a tragedy as they would have you believe. (Of course its a tragedy. Heartless shit.) 2/10 (That's a coincidence, because that's what I'd give this review...)
Here we go again:
I can understand perhaps why this could be enjoyable, for people wanting to indulge in the time of peace and free love again.....but I just didn't get it. (I wasn't around in the 60s, yet I thought it was excellent. Perhaps, and this is radical I know, the problem is just with you?)

Sure it's a nice, I guess nostalgic look at the past (Nostalgic? Many of the people they meet are horrible.) least for todays viewers, but there's no substance or anything in the story to hold on to (What about the theme of the loss of the American Dream and freedom?). Just 2 guys travelling around, selling drugs (They only sell them at the start) as (Why is that there?) and taking them, tons of trippy moments and long periods of well....nothing. (The periods of 'nothing' aren't that long. And they're kind of important too...)

I agree with another guy in the 1 star club for saying the most enjoyable part of this film was watching and listening to Jack Nicholson. (Again, he's very good, but he's very much not the only good thing in it.)

All in all if you want a story of the 60s through the eyes of a drug taking, free loving, bike riding couple o guys travelling around looking for mardi gras...then go for it, maybe its for you (Since it is one of the most important films of the 60s, I would say you really should at least give it a try. And if you don't like it, at least write a sensible review...). If on the the other hand you want plot, characters of substance and characters who you actually care about, good acting and well written dialogue...then its probably one to miss. (Oh shut up. All those things exist in this film.)

Though I guess everyone has their own interpretation, but thats just mine. (And a crap one it is too.)

Oh and the ending.... (Spoiler) why? I guess long haired people deserve that....apparently. (MAJOR SPOILER! Really? You think that the film was on the side of the redneck with the gun? What kind of idiot are you? Honestly.)
And finally:
What can you say about this movie? (Brilliant, well acted, historically important... that kind of thing) Smug, pretentious, conceited and as pointless as it is worthless (I suppose you can say those things. But they're wrong... And what's the 'point' of any film?). Dennis Hopper should never ever be allowed near a camera again if this is the best he can do (Well he's dead now, so I suppose you got your wish...). I'm not a child of the 60s, i watched this to see what all the fuss was about and I still don't know (Then I pity you). This is poorly written, lazily acted and abysmally directed by a lot of people who should have known better (They did know better. Which is why it was well directed, well acted and well written.). Do yourself a favour and avoid this like a plague pit (What the hell is a 'plague pit'?), if this is not a nostalgia trip for you then there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of value here (I'm glad that the UN finally decided to ratify your position as Fool Who Decides What Has Value. It'll make it so much easier for us all.). For info - my mother was around in the 60s and she hates it too. (Quite frankly, if her opinions on it are as ill-informed as yours, then I couldn't give less of a fuck what either of you think about anything.)
Well, that's your lot for today. Till next time children!

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