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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 1

DS9 isn't as good as Babylon 5. Therefore it must be
destroyed... Image via India Broadband
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was an expansion to the Star Trek franchise and aired alongside the final couple of seasons of The Next Generation and the first few seasons of Voyager. Set on a space station rather than a ship, it is one of the more fondly remembered series in the Star Trek world among fans and critics alike. These reviewers, though, disagree:
It was innovative for its time due to the use of story arcs, which were a good thing for Star Trek and broke the genre's tradional use of stand alone episodes. In addition there was less 'ready room' dialogue ala Picard and TNG and more action! However Babylon 5 is superior. Its much darker still. More dramatic, realistic and exciting! (You gave ST:DS9 1 star because it wasn't as good as Babylon 5? You do realise that it isn't just a choice between 1 star or 5 star don't you? Surely if you liked DS9 a little bit less than B5, 4 stars would have been better? It's people like you who ruin Amazon reviews for the rest of us.)
Here we have an idiot from America:
I've been enjoying all of the treks coming out on DVD so naturally I purchased the first three seasons of DS9 (It's all good so far). I am finding the sets drab, the characters are all boring me as they strive to be such phoney "demi god, perfection" that I am struggling with my attention span (And here we go. It's a stylistically dark show so I can kind of understand the 'drab' bit, but the characters are strong. They're deep and realistic. They certainly don't strive to be 'demi god, perfection', they just strive to better people. Who doesn't want to be better?). Example: "My darling I know that coming to DSP cost you your career as a botanist. Please, I beg you to take our daughter and go on this expedition as a botanist." She responds, "I knew that I was giving up my career." (Those evil fuckers.)
This isn't entertainment. This is so dull I can't see straight. (It is entertainment. I know this because myself and many others were [and are] entertained by it)
I really did not want to spend 300 dollars in seasons, for somebodies socially progressive example of how we should all be behaving in our lives according to themselves. (Those pricks. How dare they be progressive? How dare they imagine a world with no war, racism or poverty? They're so evil they should all be thrown into a Sarlacc pit...)
If you want to wallow in socially progressive politics DS9 is for you. Just remember the rest of us love the Klingons and follow their example (Do you mean the Original Series where they remained pretty two-dimensional? Their whole characterisation consisted of them wanting to dominate everyone and be tyrannical! Actually, you probably want America to do that...). The socialist ideal lessons on us were not absorbed or learned. (More fool you then)
So far as I am concerned the popularity of Star Trek was abused by someone with a hidden agenda and it is DS9. (I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Gene Roddenberry intended the Star Trek universe to be socialist. He hoped that one day the Earth really would be altruistic without religion, prejudice or money. If you don't like anything left of Thatcher, then you should probably never watch any Star Trek again. If nothing else could you please never review anything again...)
Well that's all from me today, but if I catch you being idiotic in any Amazon review then I'll kill you! Wait, that's probably too far. I think I'll just mock you...

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