Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Godfather, part II.

A young Vito (played by Robert De Niro) kills ...Fucking Spoof De Niro and his shitty acting in this non-story boring timefuck. Image via Wikipedia Well, you all wrote to me demanding more Godfathery goodness, so here you are, you ungrateful bunch of bastards.
I found myself falling asleep watching this movie(Well, I hope you didn't. Else you're not really qualified to review it...). I don't know why anyone would think this movie is the best sequal of all time(They don't. They consider it the best film of all time). it was too boring, although the actors were preety good. (Pretty good? Mr. Pacino, Mr. De Niro, you've finally received the accolade you deserve!)

I re-watched this film last night, after watching the first Godfather with my Son on Thursday evening,which he enjoyed greatly.


What a pathetic excuse for a sequel. (Yea. It was pathetic, wasn't it? I hope someone killed themselves over it)

First - it is VERY CONFUSING. (Perhaps I have a gigantic brain, but I don't remember being very confused. But please, do explain how it confused you, my good fellow)
To attempt to interweave 2 different stories has the negative effect of Destroying(Why's there a capital letter there?) the Narrative (Again. Do you know when you're meant to use capitals?) of the main story-line about Michael etc (No it didn't. You just got two stories. Could you not deal with that?)

Secondly - the filming of the older events,looks cheap and comedic.
A bit like a spoof - ' Harry and Paul do the CodFather ' etc (Yes. I was laughing all the way through. It was riotous.

WHATEVER POSSESSED (Demons. Probably demons.) F. F. Coppolla (Good Ol' F.F.) to RUIN the saga in this manner ?¿ (Why an upsides-down question-mark thing?)
IF he intended to show more of Vito Corleone's rise to power, then he should have included it in the first Godfather epic. (Or here. Here was good. I don't think anyone else got so confused)
In the end, this is one Confused Mess (This isn't How you Use capital Letters) of a movie,limping along with a weak story-line, devoid of decent, well-formed and comvincing Characters (Could have fooled me...) like the first film,amd fragmented by the all-too-frequent interruptionsof an earlier story-line, which has the effect of totally confusing viewers over chronology, events and time- scales. (How? How did you get confused between the two stories? You mock Vito's sections, likening them to a cheap spoof, but now say you get confused between the scenes? Also, the story with the young Vito is IN ITALIAN! How could you get confused? Are you that bilingual you don't recognise the difference. You could at least be consistently wrong...)

DON'T BELIEVE those who will try to deceive you that this sequel is better than the first!! (Oh. Ok then. That's me convinced)

Nothing - could be further from the TRUTH. (Truth? You can't handle the truth)
IT PLAINLY - FOR ME(Yes. This is a subjective review. If you realise that, why are you trying to force your opinions on us so harshly? Asks a man re-writing someone's review to reflect his own views...)- DOES NOT WORK, and both distracts, dilutes and cheapens the main plot-line of the sequel.
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