Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Sixth Sense

Cover of "The Sixth Sense (Collector's Ed...Cover via AmazonHere, some talented reviewers have turned their celebrated eyes over The Sixth Sense, reveling in the twist and turns of the plot. Or something... I'm afraid I'll have to include some spoilers, so be warned if you didn't already know Bruce Willis is dead throughout the film. Reviews courtesy of Amazon:
Bruce Willis is part of a string of mediocre films 'the fifth element', 'the sixth sense', 'the seventh donnut'.(I liked that one. Never understood what a donnut was, but what the hell.) Well I think the last they are shooting now.(Hey... You lied to us! Liar) Not that I don't like Willis, he is a fine actor, but his charm cannot save the film(Well, it doesn't need to). Rather it is a patchwork of other people's ideas that is mildly scary at best. The cinematography is fine  but that alone does not make a good film. The plot is incoherent at best (not really. Your review is foolish at best). The only way that I justify the good reviews is that people would like to see a quality scary film, but unfortunately they are served unintelligent things (I would justify those reviews by saying most people enjoyed the film. Served unintellegent things? If they thought that, why would they give it such high reviews? Are they so unwilling to believe they paid a few pounds for something they didn't enjoy that they go into a state of denial?). Not worth seeing or buying. (Crap. Wish you warned me earlier.)
They continue, of course...
I was looking forward to seeing this and anticipating the astonishing twist in the tale, i was very dissapointed. It was obvious all along what was going on and i cannot understand why everyone else missed it.(Clearly, they lack your otter-sized brain and the related thinking capacity) Maybe if you didnt know what was happening it would be bareable but i found it annoying as 'clues' were being thrown at you. (Yes. If there was a twist with no clues at all, that would be considered cheating. For instance, you would rather the twist was that the entire film was set underwater. You couldn't see that coming at all, no clues thrown out there.) Do not buy this and only watch it if you have no other choice. (Yes, mine fuhrer. If I'm held at gunpoint, I shall not watch it, even on pain of death)
This scared me out of my wits I (aged 17)did not agree with it being a 15. Move it up stop kids seeing it. People at 15 are still kids. I pulled my hair out and my little sister (aged 15)was having fits on the floor. Move it up! (Pussy. That is all)
 And lastly, my favourite:

When this was recently broadcast on British TV, I watched it, on my Widescreen TV & played back the 4.3 version that I had recorded some years ago, from/on, SKY movies on my 4.3 TV. In doing so I noticed that there was NO additional side footage, which meant that in order to upscale a 4 x 3 to 16 X 9 widescreen, the TV broadcaster had to crop 25% of the top & or bottom of the comparative 16 X 12 image. NB. the 3 in 4 X 3 is equal to, image length/4 - 25% therego since the broadcast image length = 16 then its (4 X 3) height/depth, = 12 not 9 which is = to 12 - 25%. (Very helpful. Seriously, a very good review of the film. Very in-depth, covered the plot points, the characters, the acting, cinematography, everything. And I definitely understood EVERY FUCKING WORD YOU SAID THERE. Thanks!)

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