Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Hurt Locker

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The Hurt Locker, as you may remember, won Best Picture at the Oscars earlier this year. The Academy Awards are decided by 6,000 professionals and leading figures in their field, such as actors Michael Caine and Tom Hanks and directors like Danny Boyle. However, instead the Academy should have asked these guys, they are obviously far better at determining the quality of a film:
how this movie beat the film avatar i have no idea, its the same old war film, things get blown up people die... (Well it wouldn't be a realistic war film if no-one died would it? Unfortunately the world's armed forces do not use Nerf guns to fight each other. And as for the explosions, it's a bomb disposal squad. Explosions are quite an important area of their work I understand. Also, IN AVATAR THINGS GOT BLOWN UP AND PEOPLE DIED! You can't complain about elements in one film, and praise another film ignoring the fact that it contains those exact same elements! Fucktard)

ok its not the worst movie ive ever seen but how!!! HOW!!! did avatar get beaten by this i will never know (Because Avatar was an astoundingly unoriginal film. The plot (if you could call it that) was ripped straight from Pocahontas with a few Smurfs thrown in. The only things it had going for it were the special effects and the 3Dness (which I still don't like). There was no character development. The acting was generally poor. The direction was good, but nothing particularly special. And the whole thing was just a little bit preachy. Oh, and the ending was pretty obvious from pretty early on. So, there's a bunch of reasons. Pick one.)

my advice would be not to buy this and pre order your copy of AVATAR (Or, better yet, ignore this Avatar fanboy's advice and read some real, unbiased reviews upon which to base your decision.) :) (I really want to punch that stupid smiley face)
 Right, moving on to a slightly less stupid review we have this person passing off opinion as fact:
Pure Hollywood fantasy. (And what film, may I ask, isn't?)

Turned this rubbish off less than half way through (Then how can you review the whole thing?). I appreciate it is only a film (I don't think you do), but I found the part where the British servicemen were being portrayed as idiots laughably, but at the same time offensive, as it shows a complete lack of respect to the brave servicemen who risk their lives in the REAL world (They weren't servicemen. They were a Private Military Company (PMC) so had practically nothing to do with servicemen).

Once again the U.S. of A saves the world! Maybe someone in Hollywood should start reading some history instead of inventing it before filming rubbish like this. (Unfortunately that's just cinema. As it happens, I felt that this film was less pro-America than most other war films)
Save your money and buy a decent film like Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down, far more realistic, believable characters and edge of the seat action. (So, you slate The Hurt Locker for being too American, but then choose Ryan which is far more 'U.S. of A saves the world!' I see. That makes sense. I would also like to point out that Ryan is not 'realistic' by your standards. No-one would send a whole military team through enemy occupied territory to save one man. These are just films. 'Real' and 'Realistic' are different things that's why they're two words.) This film is just pitiful. (I'm sorry to tell you that this is just your opinion. And as such, is no more important than anyone else's.)

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