Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Paul's Rules, number 2

The Jews of AntwerpenNone of these people stole your DVDs. Leave them alone. Image by CharlesFred via FlickrYour Order. It is not the fault of the product that it cannot make it's own way to your home, where you sit eagerly on your over-sized posterior, fellating a hotdog, mustard dripping down your chin onto your shirt. Yes, I see you. You disgust me. But I digress: the point of a product review on Amazon is to review a PRODUCT. Amazon has a separate grievance programme if your package does not arrive. If it is damaged, delayed, falsely advertised, or just doesn't exist, you can report the seller. You can review him or her on a SEPERATE PAGE. Please, please, please don't leave a review on any classic film, book or pornographic artwork saying:
  •  "Teh package never arrived!!111 I ordered this from amazon on tuesday and it hasnt arrived! I havnt contacted them yet"
  •  "I bought this dvd and enjoyed it. However, two bears ate my tv shortly afterwords. Since I cannot watch this anymore, I'm giving the product one star in case the bonus features were crap."
  •  "I bought this DVD from TheLieberman1979 and it is scratched. Fucking Jews! Stealing my money! Someone should do something about them!"
These comments, while demonstrating real grievances (Except the last one. The fact you live in the same world as the Jews is not a real grievance.) are misfiled. Often they are also grossly stupid, so you don't feel any sympathy for the original poster. If you want something done, leave a comment in the right place. And don't be a twat.
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